Freido Pinto claim’s Bollywood to be a ‘Mindless Cinema’

The Slumdog Millionare female lead, Freido Pinto, became an instance hit after her first movie. This sudden fame of her has gone to her brains as this newbie is claiming Hindi Cinema a ‘Mindless Cinema’.

Mostly people think that it was sheer luck that made her a hit in Slumdog Millionare and her acting skills. She hasn’t been approached by bollywood for any movies and maybe this is the reason behind such a brutal remark about bollywood.

In an interview to a magazine, Ms. Pinto further elaborated her statment and said that she want’s to work with real cinema and in real stories. Accroding to her, bollywood is all about songs and dance and it shows evrything ‘Larger than Life’.

But being a true media celebrity, she tried to undo the harm that had already been done by adding, that she admires the actors of bollywood who do these dance numbers which are very more difficult then simply delivering a dialogue.

Ms. Pinto dislikes bollywood but wants to work in a Hindi Language how is it possible Ms. Pinto please explain 🙂