Small Gestures that can win any Woman’s Heart

Somethings never change with time. Although, this 21st century and women are far more independent, but there are still somethings very important when it comes to relationship. Small gestures of genuine kindeness, politeness and security can help you win a woman’s heart.

1. Turn off your phone

When with a woman its best to turn off your cell phone. Give her your undivided attention. Give your cell continues to ring or buzz after every few minutes then that is rude. It would also put her in an uncomfortable position because it would be difficult to sit there staring here and there while you are busy talking on the phone.

2. Dont use Abusive language

Mind your language! Never use abusive words in front of a lady. Using abusive words is bad but using them in front of a lady is equivalent to a sin. It shows your class. No matter how well educated or rich you are, but the instance you deliver a bad word your entire image will burn down to ashes.
When you use an abusive word, it puts a woman in an uncomfortable position. So avoid.

3. Hold the Door open to her
If you guys are meeting somewhere or going somewhere together then the best thing is to open the door for her. Nowadays women wont mind doing it themselves considering this practise as old fashioned, but when you this small gesture it surely warms their heart.
If you are meeting somewhere, then the best thing is to get there before her. It’s rude to make her wait for you. Secondly, when she comes dont run to the door to hold it open for her, that would be weird. Stride in a poised manner.
4. Let her to sit down first
When you both reach the table then invite her to sit first. You dont have to pull the chair out for her if t he waiter is there, but if you do it then that would leave a good impression.
5. Stand up when she leaves
When its the time to say goodbye then be courteous enough to get up while she is leaving. Pull her chair for her and then wait for her to leave. But dont hover her she is preparing to leave.
These small gestures can make her feel real special. But all these gestures should be genuine beacause your forced kindness will show. So, best of luck. Be a gentleman and you will soon find your ladyluck 🙂