Top 5 Essentials of Men’s Formal Wear

It’s time we are let go of that old cliche that holds man’s fashion to be boring and accept the fact that when carefully and rightfully blended, a man’s formal wear could appear as cozy and as elegant as they deserve to be.
Even if you are a believer in the saying, ‘know the rules and break some’, this does not apply to man’s fashion. Undeniably, all clothes must be worn bearing particular rules in mind, otherwise if broken; one could look messy and feel uncomfortable. Following the rules carefully gives one a good and attractive look and this is especially so when it comes to man’s formal clothing designed for particular events. One needs to bear in mind that whereas casual wear rules are flexible, formal clothes’ rules are much complicated and not easy to follow. Thus, the first thing one need to do is familiarize with is the basic procedures of man’s formal clothing.
  • 1st Rule:
When deciding which formal shirt to go for, a white shirt is always safe and goes along well with occasions that require wearing ties that are black or when one needs to attend an interview. However, this kind of shirt does not go along well with relaxed events. To avoid having a weary look, one could also go for a patterned shirt or even a multicolored shirt. However, one thing that should be observed is that transparent shirts or even shirts that are translucent could make a man look INFORMAL in a formal occasion.
  • 2nd Rule:
Be careful to pick a perfectly fitting shirt for yourself. You have the right to wear what you feel like, but this is quite different when it comes to official wear for formal or special functions. Further still, refrain yourself from wearing tight collared shirts. They often look messy and could easily choke you when worn with a tightly tied tie. Ensure you have a perfectly fitting collar and sleeve to enhance comfortableness.
  • 3rd Rule:
When all of the above rules are taken care of, then make sure all buttons in your shirt are fastened not forgetting the ones on the side of the sleeves. This way, your forearms will be safely protected from exposure through the unbuttoned part of the sleeve. In order to prevent the collar buttons from having an awkward look, one should always fasten them down.
  • 4th Rule:
Ones pants should always be well fitting and in case they are too long they should be hemmed since longer pants have the advantage of being alteration. One should also not put on buggy pants. Thus before buying them, one should ensure that they have a fitting waistline.
  • 5th Rule:
Your accessories should always compliment with one another. For instance, a black shoe can not go along with a belt that is brown and neither can a brown shoe go along with a belt that is black. Your colors should match and snickers should not be worn with attire that is formal. You should wear elegant shoes that compliment your formal attire in a good way.
A formal occasion requires socks that are particularly conservative meaning that they must be thin though not so thin and have enough length to cover the ankle when one crosses the legs. With all this said and done, you will be sure to appear classy, elegant and more so very comfortable in any formal occasion.